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Is your precious little one suffering from unexplained bouts of fussiness, discomfort, and disrupted sleep?

It might be baby reflux, but remember, reflux is just a symptom – there's always a hidden cause waiting to be uncovered!

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Stop the guessing game and gain clarity with this FREE "Baby Reflux Symptoms Checklist." This invaluable resource is your first step toward understanding what might be causing your baby's discomfort, so you can take targeted action and bring back those heartwarming smiles.

  • Comprehensive Symptom Checklist covering a wide range of reflux-related symptoms

  • Understand the subtle cues your baby is giving you.

  • Identify symptoms that can help lead you to the root cause of your baby's discomfort.

  • A list of providers I recommend to help support your little one's reflux

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I have a passion for normalizing and bringing clarity around baby sleep, development, reflux, and more. I am a wife and mom of two, and I fully understand the importance of trusting your mama instincts. I am on a mission to help you tune into your intuition and feel like the confident super mom you are.

I like to think of myself as an approachable authority on all things baby-related, as I provide down-to-earth advice that makes everyone feel like they can do this parenting thing!

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